About Us

Presenting a patch of peace in the middle of havoc, a sanctuary of luxury & comfort...Eden Hills, Where human beings and nature unite to make life blissful! Own a home here and you will be spellbound by its one-of-its-kind club house that epitomizes opulence and grandeur. Sprawled across the enormous 45 acres of land, it is a magnificent world that is effortlessly luxurious and exclusively yours.

Eden Hills - 'A piece of heaven that is yours for taking...'

The design approach of Eden Hills is to unify a contemporary architecture with nature. Residential areas have been designed around open spaces. Wide roads, walkways, well-manicured lawns and landscaped gardens are the highlights. There are multiple water bodies for the residents to enjoy, revel and sink into. Here is a life interspersed with blues and greens to live, play and luxuriate.

A Project By Susukh Developers

Welcome To Club Life

Welcome to the magnificent club house of Eden Hills... A club suited to evoke a thousand moods. A club where moments are cherished and memories are created. A club to celebrate larger than life experiences. A club to enjoy all the little and bigger pleasures of life. Whether its business, leisure, recreation or entertainment, there is something to love for everyone. Come and experience the club life which is a never ending party.


  • Let the cool and crisp breeze caress you soothingly.


  • Relive your childhood. Let the greens enliven you.


  • Take a dip in calm and serene waters to de-stress.